A Journey of Empathy,

Creativity, and Self-Awareness

We are all born with the gift of feeling. But as we are exposed to the emotionally suppressed adults and culture surrounding  us, we develop defenses that quiet and dull our emotional sense. We lose touch with our feelings, our connection with ourselves, and our capacity to really connect with each other. We lose empathy.

Developing a vocabulary of feelings and exploring our inner life through the lens of critical concepts like personal integrity, addiction, communication, boundary setting, apologizing, meditation, and self-care can support us in fuller, more conscious, and healthier living. The Iphelia community is a place for this exploration—supported by author and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Erick French.

Be Filled With Spirit: Consume Inspiration for a Heart-Centered Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Patrick Swayze beams with gratitude and joy as his wife, Lisa Niemi, lovingly shines on him with pride and admiration; their hearts synergize, inspiring all who look on. Almost all adults have had an experience of being overwhelmingly moved by a piece of human...

The Power of Mages

There is a magical power we each possess: Our ability to feel. Feelings are magical because they help us perceive and create our reality. But this magical power does not come without a price. We have to feel our feelings. And that means feeling the hard ones too. One...

Sarcasm: Is Invoking the Power of Irony Healthy or Hurtful?

Most of us encounter some form of sarcasm on a daily basis. We are bombarded with it through the mainstream media and on social media. We experience it in our jobs with clients and coworkers. Many of us regularly engage in sarcasm with our friends and family members....

Wrestling With Sarcasm (And What Pillow Fights Have to do With It)

In the past, I’ve enjoyed sharing a quippy little phrase that I considered both witty and telling of myself: “Some people are optimistic, some people are pessimistic, but I’m sarcastic.” I can hear myself saying it dozens of times over—impressed by my ability to wrap...

Synchrony and Synchronicity: Iphelia’s Lessons and Expert Insights

“When recess was over and the children went inside… It was a happy day for everyone—smiles were very wide.” Friends of Iphelia may be familiar with synchronicity—the Jungian concept that some coincidences represent a meaningful “falling together in time,” like when...

Seven Years

I first met Iphelia about seven years ago. I was facing a major crisis within myself and in my life. I had just written an angry-rant in my journal in which I was desperately trying to validate my own feelings. In my writing I had asserted myself and...

Her Name

Iphelia’s name is derived from the name Ophelia. Ophelia means to know and to be like a serpent, and is the name of a character from the Shakespearean play Hamlet. Shakespeare’s Ophelia was sensitive and emotionally repressed. She felt torn between the...

The Dragon Heart

The subconscious mind often communicates to the conscious mind through symbols. This can happen through dreams or through synchronistic events we notice throughout our day.  We may even notice symbols that get our attention through the scenery of our...

The author, editors, and guest contributors share their thoughts on topics ranging from joy and grief to self-care, meditation, and therapeutic approaches and invite you to join in the conversation!

Learning about different feelings and their deeper meanings is essential for living a happy and meaningful life. Iphelia’s Interactive Empathy Knows Glossary is a resource to support people of all ages in identifying and better understanding what they are feeling.

Learn more about Iphelia: Awakening the Gift of Feeling—the graphic novel and educational exploration inspired by the feelings!

Learn more about Erick K. French, author, illustrator, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Sport your love for your feelings with pride!

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